The Full Design Package

The interior design process involves conceptualising, planning and executing the transformation of a space, balancing aesthetics and functionality to create a harmonious and personalised environment.

01.The concept

The initial concept phase is a crucial step in establishing trust, by creating a rapport to help us navigate smoothly through the process. We invest time in understanding your objectives, your unique design preferences and your lifestyle, ensuring that we can provide a tailor-made home design from a firm foundation.

02.The Design

We work in tandem with the architect and consultants to create floor plans and elevations which involves all aspects of the design including furniture, architectural features and finishes.

03.The implementation

We closely monitor the implementation of the design schemes, manage orders and deliveries and attend on-site walk-throughs with contractors and consultants. We engage skilled trades for specific elements and ornamental tasks, such as wallpaper, window treatments and art installation. Any design-related enquiries or issues are dealt with and resolved swiftly. 

04.the furnishing

Whilst the design is implemented, we handle the procurement of the furnishings. Once the construction phase has concluded, we arrange the delivery and installation of the furniture ready for the final touches.

Ready to Begin?


What is the minimum project size?

There is no project size requirement.
If you're looking for help with a specific service like advice on wallpaper, a colour scheme, or ideas about how to maximize space, without a full design overhaul, you could consider our DAY WITH A DESIGNER service . This service can help you refine your thoughts and explore fresh ideas without committing to a full design service.

How will you present your design ideas?

The design proposals can be presented through various formats, adapting to the specific project needs, from physical drawings and mood boards, to digital presentations.
Our project boards will include a diverse array of products ranging from product images to material swatches, bespoke finishes, and wood samples. A highly visual approach that ensures seamless communication.
Additionally, we actively engage with clients on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Can you work with my budget?

KPD specialises in luxury home projects, but whether your budget is expansive or specific, we will work within the parameters set out by you during our initial consultation. Before starting work on the details, we’ll give you a preliminary budget so that we both have a realistic understanding of the scope and costs of the project.

Whilst we make every endeavour to work within the budget, it’s always a good idea to have a little in reserve to cover any variables such as a change in material costs, shipping fees, increased taxes and additions that you decide to make whilst you see your vision become a reality.

Which areas does KPD cover?

KPD’s design studio based in Welwyn, Hertfordshire and while most of our work to date has been for high-end residential projects for private clients and developers in London and the Home Counties, we have carried out projects further north and several abroad.

We’re happy to start with virtual meetings to discuss the initial concept, followed by onsite visits when we move to the design stage.

What happens if I don’t like the design?

During the concept stage of our design process, we take great care in assembling a detailed brief to ensure the initial design presentation showcases concepts aligned with your preferences.

Whilst we aim for this presentation to be perfect the first time, occasionally it may not align perfectly with your vision. This is precisely why we place strong focus on conceptual design before transitioning to more detailed phases. We will work through any disparities and create new tailor-made concepts before proceeding.

Does Katia Perez Design have an hourly rate?

At Katia Perez Design, we do not employ a fixed hourly rate for our design services.
Each interior design project is bespoke, so we will customise the design fee according to the specific needs and scope of each project.
Not having an hourly rate allows us to be more flexible in our approach. We can focus on delivering quality results rather than constantly tracking hours, which can sometimes be counterproductive.
There’s no charge for starting a conversation, so please get in touch.

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