Emerging 2024 Trends

As anticipated during the year, both existing and emerging trends will co-exist with newer trends set to not only refresh beloved styles and color palettes but also introduce exciting twists that will keep us eagerly watching to see what's next.

We are sharing with your our top predictions on what 2024 will bring to our interiors;

The new surfaces

Marble will forever remain a classic, but what's hot on the surface design front these days?

Metal, this luxe-industrial material clearly get its influence from the catwalk and adds a very sophisticated look to any interior. Quirky Interiors in St Albans are masters of everything liquid metal and deliver the perfect finish to nail this opulent yet understated look to any surface.

The stone look is still going strong however the materials have changed. Worcester based designer Christopher Wall Design makes limited edition one-off scagliola pieces that are as distinctive as this 16th century plaster technique.

Terrazzo everywhere and not restricted to floors only. The confetti-style material brings a dynamic and personalized touch to your design. The 2024 update on this trend showcases larger, more striking pieces and a range of color choices, enabling us to infuse colour to any room with speckled surface.


Image credit: www.quirkyinteriors.com

Inviting Minimalism

Known for its clean and clutter-free spaces, minimalism, has been embracing warm and inviting elements in its newer form of the past few years. We love this trend and we love the fact that it is here to stay.

Colours play an important role to create a warm and inviting space. Often, the palettes used are monochromatic to reduce the visual noise as much as possible, however, the chosen hues do not have to be cold or uninviting.

Little Greene, the British paint manufacturer who produces high-quality paints that are socially and environmentally responsible has a massive palette of colours and hues which is a massive help when picking your colours and undertones to go with them.

When creating your minimal look, choose your main colour and work on lighter and darker shades of the same hue. Choose accents with the same undertone colour to keep the harmony between them.

Minimal is not synonym of cold, unpersonal spaces. create a feeling of welcoming by adding textures through textiles and objects.


Image credit: www.littlegreene.com

Layered Colour Schemes

As we saw a few months ago at FOCUS'23, colour plays a big part in the new interior schemes. Using a single hue in a room will be a big no-no.

We will see a a shift from intense block colours to a diversification of colours of varying lightness, darkness and tonality and not only in soft furnishings or accent walls. Colour will be used in more unexpected ways such as floors or furniture.

When using colour in a room always think about how to balance it. It is always a good idea to choose an accent or focal theme to start designing around it. A wallpaper or a rug are usually good starting points.

Whilst at FOCUS'23 , we visited Harlequin fabrics, to enjoy the collaboration they had with Sophie Robinson and it did not disappoint. A mixture of patterns and vibrant colours taking inspiration by Sophie's woodland garden masterfully put together creating confident and full of live collection.

Image by KP Design from Harlequin Fabrics showroom


This emerging 2024 furniture trend extends to architectural elements as well. Arched doorways, rounded windows, and even curved walls are making a comeback, offering a softer, more organic feel to interiors. These architectural curves often serve as focal points, drawing the eye and adding a touch of drama to a room


Image credit: www.littlegreene.com


Just as we've seen int the catwalk, metallics and specially silver are having a massive comeback.

We have been living with brass, bronze and matt black for a while now and although all metal finishes are still really cool, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and nickel will be the big trend setters in the coming seasons.

From Kitchen finishes to small object like candle holders and, of course, furniture and lighting, Silver suddenly feels very chic again, especially where combined with lighter hues and natural materials.


Image Credit: Katia Perez Design project